Cyber-Bullying wrap-up

By using what I learned in digital literacy I now know how to take action in an instance pertaining to cyber-bullying.  Even though I doubt that I will be presented with this instance.  I have witnessed cyber bullying before but I never got involved because I thought it wasn’t a big deal, and that it was just a joke.  It is important to de-escalate the situation because it can prevent situations such as suicide or even just prevent the situation from leaving the computer.

KWL/Key Vocabulary- Cyber Bullying

K:  Cyber bullying is the act of targeting someone over the internet and making fun of them.

W:  Ways to identify and prevent cyber bullying

L:  I learned that cyber bullying is a sever situation and that is is most important to de-escalate the situation.

Target:  The person being cyber- bullied.

Offender: The cyber bully

Bystander: the person who knows about the bullying but does nothing.

Upstander: The person who knows about the bullying and does something about it

Escalate:  To increase severity or size

De-escalate: To decrease in severity or size